Foresight – Methods and Opportunities

Image credit: Futurium

Image credit: Futurium

Although it may seem at odds with conventional thinking, researching "imaginable" new futures is not so about looking into the void but rather entails the systematic and data-based recording of trends and scenarios. That is if you know how to do it!

This Foresight Workshop by FUTURIUM provides a hands-on introduction to the methodology of future research for scientists and other creators who are interested in "tomorrow“. Facilitated by foresight experts, hypotheses, morphological methods and future storytelling are are tried and tested, allowing for unchartered territories to be curiously explored .

This workshop will be in held in two parts:
Nov 4,  10-12.30 / Nov 5, 15.00-16.30

Registration required: Participant number limited to 50
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