Berlin's Festival for
Open Science, Art and Society



Open forum for creative exploration of recent developments in science


Linking Berlin’s unique creative and science scene with academic and independent international institutions


Fostering meaningful exchange and interdisciplinary collaborations around science


STATE Festival is a breeding ground for a dynamic new scene of curious minds that bridge disciplines in order to explore and challenge the boundaries of present knowledge and shape ideas for our future. 


STATE Festival creates a meeting ground for science and the public, where scientific inquiry meets artistic expression. It is a unique platform that integrates science, technology and culture to explore key transformational changes in society and business. Deeply rooted in our conviction about the power of interdisciplinary creativity and open participation, we connect curious minds across borders and lean into the future to seize the opportunities brought about by future innovation.


In the wake of the growing relevance and public availability of scientific research, the role and identity of science and scientists in society is changing. New actors start to contribute to the scientific process: citizen scientists, creative technologists, makers, entrepreneurs, and artists. Public participation, interdisciplinary collaboration and creative experimentation are flourishing and growing in relevance in order to create meaning and context. In this rapidly changing environment, we need actors that facilitate interaction, help bridge boundaries and create opportunities for exchange.


With more than 250.000 students and researchers from all over the world, an internationally renowned creative and cultural scene and a long tradition of unconventional and forward thinking, Berlin is the ideal hub for a festival that aims to challenge the current way we do and think science. Scientists, hackers, makers, artists, filmmakers, citizen scientists, VJs, bloggers and cultural dwellers: STATE Festival blends the city’s unique creative capital and alternative edge into one exciting mixture.

POPPY N+Z, Performance at STATE Festival 2016, Photo: Micki Rosi Richter

POPPY N+Z, Performance at STATE Festival 2016, Photo: Micki Rosi Richter


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