About us

STATE Experience Science stands for a new way of connecting people with science: participatory, interactive and inspiring. As an agency and collective of scientists, artists and cultural producers, we create experiences that differ, working to make science accessible and facilitate creativity without borders.

With the festival as the core platform, STATE designs and produces customized initiatives with and for academic, corporate and public partners and clients.


Dr. Christian Rauch
Director/ Founder

Christian is a physicist with passion for science and the things beyond. After years of research in academia, he turned towards the more general impacts of science in society. Switching between knowledge transfer, innovation management and science communication he has been involved in initiating several science outreach initiatives. In 2014 he founded STATE Experience Science. 

Jolan Kieschke
Project Assistance



Dr. Lucy Patterson

Lucy is a passionate science communicator, molecular biologist, and former lab rat. She is an active open science advocate, science hacker, and co-organizer of Science Hack Day Berlin. She is fascinated by the very small and extremely weird subcellular world.

Daniela Silvestrin

Daniela is a curator, cultural manager and researcher, working at the intersection of art, law and science. She studied Law and History of Arts and obtained a MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

Vena Ward

Vena is a film curator and musician. She has worked as in the field of new media and cinema as the head curator and project manager of the New Screens department at Geneva International Film Festival and project manager for film and video at the transmediale festival for art and digital culture.

Eimear Bruen

Eimear is an independent cultural producer with over 10 years experience in the field of creative management and communications. From brand communications to large scale art/music festivals, her approach is defined by multidisciplinary thinking and collaboration.


Esther Masemann

Esther is a graphic designer based in Berlin with a passion for design thinking. Her expertise lies in user experience, interaction design, creating monsters, and working with a great network.


Robert Wöstenfeld

Robert is a trained mathematics and physics teacher. He has worked on school projects for the Deutsche Mathematiker Vereinigung, publishing educational mathematics formats for high school children. He conducts teacher CPD courses for the Chilean Ministry of Education and trains fundraiser teams for Doctors Without Borders.

Stefanie Greimel

Stefanie is a cultural project manager in Berlin with a strong interest in design, art, and technology and a fascination for visual and interactive concepts in daring and experimental formats. 

Johanna Wallenborn

As a cultural manager and curator, Johanna advocates non-traditional perspectives on art. Her focus lies on process-oriented, experimental approaches that celebrate the creative use and abuse of technology.