Art Walk Special: AV Live Performance "Brainbows" by Rainer Kohlberger

 © Rainer Kohlberger

© Rainer Kohlberger

We open our doors for a special event during Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, featuring Rainer Kohlberger presenting his live performance ‘Brainbows’ for the first time in the US.

Based on algorithmic generated images, Kohlberger uses the possibilities that the present, digital projection technology offers in a radical way. His compositions are fierce attacks on the human system of perception that refrain entirely from all types of representativeness and referentiality: incessantly varying impulses and waves of pure light,  extreme light-dark intervals supersede into climaxes of  stroboscopic storms. Kohlberger´s audiovisual experiments provide the audience with powerful physical and metaphysical experiences.

The performance will be accompanied by the ongoing exhibition ‘The Age of AI Artisans’ as part of the thematic series "STATE of AI"

The performance is taking place on October, 11th, 7pm, at STATE Pop Up Studio DTLA. Admission to this event is free.